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Tourism Fiasco

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Quite on the heels of World Tourism Day, we hear that Goa Government is yet to finalise the Draft Tourism Policy. What can we call this but Absolute Lacunae in Governance? Goa is the Tourism Capital of India and holds a prominent in the World Tourism Circuit. Our economy depends on this sector and yet our CM Pramod Sawant is still sitting on the Draft Tourism Policy for months together when throughout India, governments are making every efforts to revive the tourism industry. Maybe he’s not finished “Studying” the draft even after so many months since he’s too busy with scams, and liaising with the who’s who of the Money Launderers, Drug syndicates, Bollywood and lately, devising election strategies.

There’s also a possibility that the devious minds of Dr Corruption and his gang are yet to decide on the modus operandi as to how the proposed Tourism Board could be used, bent & manipulated to promote their vested interests to the maximum. Hopefully they will soon arrive on a consensus of loot and approve the draft!

It’s time Goans realise each of these purposeful instances of Bad Governance of Dr Pramod Sawant and his Government which has spelt the doom of Goa, be it through Covid Mismanagement or the Administrative Lacunae in all sectors including Tourism which will soon destroy our already struggling Tourism sector.


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