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Friday, January 28, 2022

Speaker is resorting to delaying tactics on disqualification petition to safeguard both BJP and Congress: Rahul Mhambre

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Aam Aadmi Party today highlighted that how democracy is being made a mockery by the speaker by using delaying tactics to appease both the political parties that have formed an unholy alliance to defraud people of Goa.

Speaker should order on the disqualification petition as soon as possible instead of resorting to delaying tactics to give the likely to be disqualified MLAs breathing space to appeal to the Supreme Court and remain in office till the assembly session is over.
AAP Goa convener Rahul Mhambre said the nexus between the Congress and BJP is obvious over the complacecy adopted by both the parties in the matter and lamented that in the bargain who is suffering is the common Goan who is left panting for justice.
“What is happening is against the democratic principles and procedures and the Speaker is just delaying the matter to allow the BJP to continue to be in power,” he said opining that in all probability the Speaker will not give the order before the assembly term is over.
“Only God can save Goa,” he said while pointing out that Goans have been bleeding for a long time now and demanded that all those who have betrayed Goa and Goans through the game of defections be taken to task.


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