Shadow Council for Margao demands action in waste supply controversy


Margao: Shadow Council for Margao demanded action against all those involved in controversy over the certification of the type of waste supplied by the Margao Municipal Council to the Fomento plant at Sonsodo since August, 2019.

SCM member Savio Coutinho said that the controversy has cost the public exchequer whopping Rs 65 lakh per month.

As the official reports from the Pollution Control Board is still awaited, by which it will be confirmed whether the 900 ton waste in the Fomento plant is excluded/mixed waste or not, Fomento is learnt to have produced it’s own report certifying the waste to the excluded/mixed waste, he said.

“And as this tangle is being decided upon the one lakh per  day payment to Fomento shall continue still further,” Coutinho said.

“On one hand the Council spends almost Rs 35lakhs per month on two contractors to collect segregated waste. And on the other hand the waste that has reached the plant is now claimed to be excluded or mixed waste,” he pointed out.

Coutinho said that  in short 35 lakhs per month for waste collection and 30 lakhs per month (@1lk per day) for waste treatment has eventually ended into creation of 900 tonnes of waste which will land into the Bio remediation contractor’s hand.  Thereby incurring an additional expenditure of over 16 lakhs (@ 1800/- per tonne cost for Bioremediation).


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