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SC’s Verdict on Municipal Elections poses new challenges for those contesting : Savio Coutinho

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Panaji : Savio Coutinho, the Convener for Shadow Council for Margao, has opnined that although SC has restored the faith of people in democratic elections after the verdict its going to be a task to field candidates after the reservations are made according to a sequence in each ward.


Coutinho contented that If a ward which was previously unreserved is made reserved for this time then panels will have to field their candidates again according to the newly reserved ward. Similarly, previously reserved ward may be made open for contesting, this will create new challenges for those contesting elections said Coutinho.


He feels that this will lead to increase in expenditure as people have already printed their manifestos and pamphlets and those candidates who are newly contesting under a particular panel will have to do door-to-door campaigning once more. “There is a likelihood that a candidate who was previously contesting, his symbol may change this time” Added Coutinho


“Reservation this time should be made in a sequence because earlier there were so many wards which were open for candidates throughout and in some cases like in Curtorim three consecutive wards were reserved for women” informed Coutinho.


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