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Sawant’s 2 years of poor Governance, an epitome of failures and misrule: Rahul Mhambre


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Aam Aadmi Party today described the two years of governance by Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant as not only lackluster but a total sell out of Goa’s interest for the sake of his party bosses sitting in Delhi and lamented that in the last two years Goa has actually been pushed into the dark ages.
AAP Goa convener Rahul Mhambre pointed out that the Goa administration has totally failed in dealing with any issue concerning the State whether it was Covid pandemic, the environment of the pristine state or even unemployment that exploded due to the pandemic.
“The Chief Minister has no clue of what is happening in the State and only relies on what instructions he gets from his party bosses sitting in Delhi and that is why his response has been so pathetic over pressing issues like the IIT issue, double tracking of railway track and even unemployment,” he said.
Rahul regretted that in the present situation of no governance it is the ethnic Goans who are suffering and they do not have any scope of recovering very soon. “Whether it is the small business persons like hawkers of even taxi drivers, everyone is suffering and no solution is in sight for them,” he said.
He also pointed out that the DDSSY scheme under which some dole was given to the senior citizens, single women and handicapped people in Goa have been stopped for so long that the beneficiaries have actually forgotten that they were getting some money and wondered whether this scheme started by late chief minister Manohar Parrikar has been given buried after Manohar was cremated.
Rahul pointed out that that corruption has become rampant in the last two years and pointed out that the last Lok Ayukta of Goa while resigning had even claimed that not even God would be able to save Goa and further pointed out that the last Governor of Goa resigned because he would not work with Dr Pramod Sawant.
“Dr Pramod has even compromised on Goa’s lifeline namely the Mhadei river just to satisfy his party bosses in Delhi,” said Rahul while demanding that it is high time Dr Pramod Sawant stops being the chief minister of Goa.

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