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Sancoale Gramsabha resolves to reject draft CZMP

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Sancoale: The Gramsbha members of Sancoale Village Panchayat on Saturday unanimously resolved to reject the Draft Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP ) for the Village.

The decision was taken during a Special Gramsabha meeting of V. P. Sancoale held on Saturday under the Chairmanship of Sarpanch Shri. Ramakant Borkar in the presence of Sancoale Biodiversity Management Committee(BMC) Chairman Navin Jha and others.

While having discussions on draft CZMP the Gramsabha members noticed that the plan which was earlier prepared/drafted by the Sancoale BMC involving various Stake holders from the Village and was submitted before state administration is not reflected in the fresh draft CZMP Plan given by the government and hence the plan prepared by the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management is unanimously resolved to rejected

Further the Gramsabha members also resolved to write to the concerned government departments including CZMA (Coastal zone Management Authority, Department of Environment asking them to give more time to file replies on draft CZMP

The Gramsabha members also decided to seek help of expert to point the discrepancies in the draft CZMP and to prepare a fresh plan with the participation of Villagers/Stake holders.


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