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Reject Communal and Corrupt BJP that Looted Goa – Vijai Sardesai


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At a massive public meeting in Fatorda today, GFP President and Fatorda candidate Vijai Sardesai called upon the people of Fatorda to reject the corrupt BJP, which has looted Goa and given us Goa’s most corrupt and communal government. Sardesai also said, “There is no option other than Congress-Goa Forward alliance to stop the sale of Goa. We have to awaken to save our beautiful Goem. This BJP has sold Mhadei, it has sold our lives during the covid pandemic, it has sold our forests for coal transportation. It has sold our rivers, riverbanks and coastline. It has even sold jobs. If we re-elect BJP, they will sell Goa overnight and leave us with a black coal-filled Goa.”

Sardesai was speaking at meeting of the Congress-Goa Forward Party alliance in Fatorda constituency. The meeting sported a galaxy of speakers, including Digambar Kamat, Sudhindra Kulkarni, Dr Babita Prabhudesai, Pooja Naik, Mohandas Lolienkar, Prince Jacob, ex-RSS worker Kiran Nayak, renowned physician Dr Reena Gracias among others.

Prince Jacob recalled the events of 2017, “After GFP joined the BJP-led government, I criticised Vijai badly. But he did not retaliate. On the contrary, he accepted his mistake and repented. This proves his courage and conviction. This alliance of Congress and GFP is Goa’s saviour during these difficult times. Support them and elect Vijai by a huge margin”.

Kulkarni said, “This is not the BJP of Vajpayee that respected all communities. This is the Modi-Shah BJP which divides the country on the basis of religion. You have to choose between the Cong-GFP alliance that unites and the BJP that divides. The BJP today projects Swami Vivekananda as a Hindutva icon, but this is part of their fake news narrative. Actually, Swamiji came to Goa to study Christianity and praised Jesus Christ. Unite to throw out this fake BJP, which is the most anti-national party. Goa can show the country how to defeat Modi in 2024.”

Dr Babita highlighted Sardesai’s initiatives to help people during the Covid pandemic when ‘Property’ Sawant and Vishwajit Rane were making money from ore and medicines and allowing Goans to die. She also spoke about his clear intent to empower women, while the BJP gives tickets to rapists. Pooja Naik said that the caste propaganda Damu Naik is spreading is all lies. She said, “Vijai is a man who takes all together, whether they are STs or Bhandaris, Catholics or Muslims. He does not believe in these petty divisions.”

Kamat praised Sardesai for the tremendous development in Fatorda constituency. He said he was confident about the Cong-GFP forming the government and that the new Govt would stand for “power to the people of Goa”.

Sardesai concluded, “In 2012, Luisinho Faleiro ditched me by denying me the Congress ticket. In 2017, he ditched the people of Goa by not allowing a Congress Govt to be formed. Today, he has ditched the Congress by deserting it for the TMC. He has proved to be the original betrayer who has always worked for the BJP. You have to be wary of such people. They are in the AAP, TMC-MGP & RGP and have all been planted by the BJP. Reject them all. The Congress and the GFP have come together because the people of Goa wanted it. Our government will also work in the same way, we will do everything with your consent. Power will be in your hands. So let us unite to save our beautiful state. Give us your support, we will work for a better, happier Goa.”

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