Shiv Sena will contest all the future elections in Goa: Aditya Thackrey


Panaji: Shiv Sena leader Aditya Thackrey on Saturday said that his party would be contesting all the future elections in the coastal state right from Panchayat to Parliament.


Thackrey is on the two day long visit to the state where party has fielded ten candidates. He said that Shiv Sena had not concentrated on Goa in the past due to its friendship with the BJP.


Sena is contesting Goa elections in pre-poll alliance with the NCP. Sena had fielded twelve candidates but its Panaji candidate Shailendra Velingkar had withdrawn in favour of Independent candidate Utpal Parrikar.


“But considering the political developments, BJP backstabbed Sena, we have decided to contest all the future elections in Goa. Goa needs Shiv Sena,” he said.


He pointed out that Sena has been contesting elections outside Maharashtra recently.


Thackrey said that the party has been getting good response for its campaigns in Goa. “This election is not about future of Shiv Sena but it is about the locals and their future,” he said.


The Sena leader said that despite having government in centre and state, there was no sustainable development in Goa.


“The issues like water and electricity are still faced by the people. If this is the case, then we fail to understand whether state progressed or the leaders progressed,” he added.


Thackrey said that the entire political campaigns are surrounding divisiveness, hatred and irrelevant issues, due to which the real issues do not get the required pitch.


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