Priya Rathod sets up a benchmark in social work, feeds 400 people every day during lockdown



Saligao: Away from the blitzkrieg, young social worker Priya Rathod has set up a benchmark in the field of social work during the lockdown period.

She has been feeding almost 400 needy people in Saligao, Calangute, Guirim, Canca and Arpora.

Rathod works under no political banner while feeding the needy and also away from selfies with the people on empty stomach in the frame.

“I cook at my place assisted by my husband and sister-in-law. We make sure that the food is cooked in hygienic condition,” she said.

Every day she leaves with car full of food to serve the needy people in the areas of Saligao, Calangute, Guirim, Canca and Arpora.

“Initially, I had started in few pockets. But then I realized that there are more people who are in search of food around. So, I extended by services,” says Priya.

While serving the food, she obeys the thumb rules like social distancing, wearing of mask and serving the meal in a clean plate.

I cook in big ‘handis’ each one of it can suffice for hundred people. I have counted personally. I serve food for at least 400 people, all of them who are needy and would have starved, if I had not to reach to them, she said.

Priya’s work has been valued by many. Some of her friends have now started pitching with fresh fruits which she distributes along with the food.

She has been spending from her own pocket for the food. “Some of the well wishers have volunteered to take care of the groceries. But largely, it is funded from my pocket,” she said.

Priya started serving food on March 25 onwards and will continue till the lockdown is over.


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