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Pramod Sawant defying Supreme Court recommendations over Tamnar project: Sardesai


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The president of Goa Forward Party Vijai Sardesai has pointed out that the BJP government’s electricity department has notified the alignment for a double-circuit line from Mollem to Collem which will link the controversial Tamnar project to the intra-State grid defying the recommendations of the Supreme Court’s Central Empowered Committee whose directions were that the alignment be redrawn in the corridor of an existing 220 KV line instead of clearing pristine forest cover.

He said that as per the notification, around 35 ‘tentative’ survey numbers in Mollem and Collem, covering the alignment through which the 110 KV double-circuit transmission line has been planned, have been identified.

“This arrogant BJP government has not respected even the recommendations of the Supreme Court. With this, it is evident that this government wants the complete destruction of Mollem and Collem.”Sardesai said.

He added that the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is going against the sentiments of the people and hence he will have to face their wrath in the forthcoming assembly elections. “To save our natural resources and wealth of Mollem and Collem, numerous citizens along with hundreds of students protested against the linear project. However, Pramod Sawant is executing the agenda of his political bosses from Delhi in destroying Goa”. Sardesai charged.

Sardesai further said that the government has failed to review the project and listen to the objections raised by the people. “Pramod Sawant led government is anti-Goan and hence it is trying to irreparably damage the state. We will not allow this government to damage Goa’s jewels, it’s flora and fauna, and the people should come forward to protest more”. Sardesai said.

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