PM Modi is trying to project is his image as “Hindu Hruday Samrat”


Panaji: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Friday said that the Prime minister Narendra Modi is trying to portray his image as “Hindu Hruday Samrat” in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Tharoor also said that the decline in the percentage of voting is in the BJP dominated areas and it reflects the “indifference being felt by the traditional BJP supporter.”

He was talking to media persons in Panaji during his campaign in the coastal state.

The Congress leader said that in the 2014, Modi came up with his very persuasive agenda of anti-corruption, replication of Gujarat development etc which collapsed by the first term itself.

“In 2019, they fought the election on Pulwama, Balakot, that was his message. Now after 2019 he can’t even say that because as I said… the Chinese border… he has been failure in that area,” Tharoor said.

In the 2024, the only message that PM has is “Hindu Hruday samrat and scam mongering about muslims.”

“What kind of talk is this. It is embarrassing when PM of the country talks like this. This message is not going to move neutral voter. It will move hardcore Hindutva voter who is already in the BJP camp,” he said.

Tharoor said that the voting percentage in the BJP dominated areas is decreasing as per the observation in phase one and two.

“We believed that the declining of votes in certain areas is a reflection of the indifference being felt by the traditional BJP supporter,” he said.


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