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On International Day Against Drug Abuse, Goa reiterates its commitment to Zero Tolerance to Illegal Drugs. 

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 Panaji :  The International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit Trafficking is observed on 26 June, Goa Government has aimed to curb drug abuse by creating awareness and has planned various activities.
CM Dr Pramod Sawant in a tweet today said “Continuous action by #GoaPolice has broken the back of drug trafficking in the state. In the last 2 years over 275 kg of illegal drugs worth nearly ₹15 crore have been seized with nearly 400 cases registered and over 450 persons arrested”
The Narcotics Control Bureau in the state has planned to organise various drawing competitions, slogan writing campaigns, distribution of pamphlets among various activities including creating awareness among students to curb the menace of drug use in the state.
Mahesh Gaonkar, SP-Anti-Narcotics Cell spoke on how  ANC deals with Drug & Illicit Trafficking

Gaokar said Since, Goa is a tourist destination tourists come to enjoy the scenery  while some of the tourists get drugs with them and  drug peddlers also come.
 “A new trending drug  has entered the market known as party drug which is a  chemical. Unlike olden times now we get 1000s of new drugs which are lab generated.”
Speaking about how new ways the drug peddlers have developed to transport drugs he said   “Peddlers now  have developed sophisticated ways to generate drugs like getting drugs in drops which are in concentrated form and once they are diluted they can make 10 bottles of the drug”.
“Some people try to sell the idea that ‘it is cool to do drugs’, But i want to say it is absolutely not,” he asserted.
Since everything has become digital these days even drug peddling has evolved, Goakar said, “Drug peddling is being done with the help of technology, police all over india are studying this. People are peddling drugs through the dark web. Some posts are being circulated on Facebook, for people it might seem like a normal post but in fact it is a post which a peddler can decrypt and use to distribute drugs”.
Gaokar has said that the performance of the ANC has improved since last year and he has appealed to the public that they should achieve their goals with the right means and that drugs will not take you anywhere. “Consuming drugs will lead to devastation” he concluded.
Konakani Bhasha Mandal releases translated Konkani e-books 
 Panaji : The Konkani Bhasha Mandal has undertaken the daunting task of translating  stories and biographies from all over the world into Konkani language and they have released them in the form of e-books to celebrate the birth anniversary of Konkani writer Shenoi Goembab.
 This initiative by Konkani Bhasha Mandal is in association with renowned toy inventor, Arvind Gupta who is a Padmashri and also strives to make multilingual stories available to children with convenience.The first set of fifteen stories can be accessed from KBM website https://konkanibhashamandal.com.
One can also download them from Arvind Gupta’s Archive Account https://archive.org/details/@arvind_gupta. The stories are a source of introducing young minds to the life and works of eminent personalities and writers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Pablo Neruda, Immanuel Alphonso, Mother Teresa and more.
 “Konakani Bhasha Mandal aims to publish  translated works of international authors annually on its official website,” said Anwesha Singbal, KBM. KBM has published over hundred translated books in collaboration with the NGO Pratham Books, New Delhi and this literature is available on the website www. storyweaver.org.
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