On Independence day AAP Leaders participate in flag hoisting ceremonies and social work


On the occasion of Independence day Aam Aadmi Party Leaders across the state attended flag hoisting ceremonies in their constituencies. AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre attended a flag hoisting event in Mapusa with local residents. The newly inaugurated Benaulim AAP Office hosted a flag hoisting event attended by Benaulikars and AAP Leader Captain Venzy Viegas, AAP ZP Hanzel Fernandes and AAP Goa VIce President Adv Pratima Coutinho. AAP Vice President Adv Surel Tilve was part of flag hoisting ceremonies at Bandora Gram Panchayat. AAP Leader Mahadev Naik hosted a flag hoisting ceremony in Shiroda.  Apart from this AAP leaders from each constituency were part of local ceremonies across Goa.
AAP Goa teams in Benaulim also participated in beach cleanliness drives in the early hours of the day. Residents of Benaulim had recently complained that the beach was getting dirty as a result of lack of facilities. AAP Goa Leader Captain Venzy Viegas led efforts with the help of local residents.

“While today is the day India received freedom, we all have to unite today and fight against the corruption gripping our country” said AAP ZP Hanzel Fernandes.
“All those freedom fighters who fought for this day, we salute them! And we take it as our duty to work towards their ideals” said Captain Venzy Viegas AAP Goa Leader. “I would also like to wish a Happy Feast of Our Lady of Assumption to everyone” added Viegas
“On Independence Day we salute and remember our freedom fighters who gave their lives for the country” said Rahul Mhambre. “As Aam Aadmi Party it is our duty to give Goans the governance that the freedom struggle strived for!” added Mhambre

AAP Leader Mahadev Naik hoisted the tricolour at Shivnathi in Shiroda.  Speaking to residents Naik said “Today on Independence Day as we look at the heroes of the freedom struggle we must also look to our future. The key to the future is edcuating and providing the youth of Goa with jobs. Presently in Goa the situation for our youth is dire. Fortunately AAP has created a template for both jobs and education which has worked under Arvind Kejriwal. We need such a model in Goa”

AAP leaders elsewhere in the state also attended ceremonies with AAP Leader Gourisha Gaonkar attending in Sanguem, AAP Leader Gorathnath Kerkar in Corlim, AAP Leader Shubham Shivolkar hoisted the Tricolour with the residents of Shel Melauli in a primary school in the village. In Aldona Team AAP joined local residents to clean the village after participating in Flag hoisting ceremony by local residents along with  AAP leader Bruno Fernandes


  1. MGP is the best friend of Congress & BJP. No doubt even 1%. These Trio has ruled Goa for almost 50 Years. They see AAP a threat for their Friendship. Congress & BJP cannot form alliance with AAP and hence they sent MGP to form alliance with AAP and finish AAP in Goa.


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