NSUI Goa demands 100% vaccination for students before starting physical classes

Panaji : National Students’ Union of India Goa, President Naushad Chowdhari has demanded that all students be vaccinated before starting physical classes.
Naushad informed that, Latest circular dated 16th July 2021 issued by Directorate of Higher Education says that the Govt of Goa is planning to start physical classes once the teaching and non teaching staffs are vaccinated for ensuring the safety of all concerned especially the students.
“We(NSUI) fail to understand how students will be safe without vaccination?” said Naushad.
“Earlier the Goa Legislative Assembly session was scheduled from 24th March to 16th April 2021 for a total number of 13 days but subsequently it was scheduled only for 3 days, that is from 28th to 30th July. If the Government cares  about the health and safety of MLAs they should prioritise the health and safety of all students too” said Naushad.
“Are these physical classes held only between teaching and non teaching staff since the Govt is excluding students for vaccination before starting physical classes,” questioned Naushad.
He said that, For the physical classes to start there is an involvement of  students and teaching and non teaching staffs not just involvement of teaching and non teaching staff as mentioned in the circular.
“Why is CM Sawant Not Organizing Special Vaccination Camps for  Students?? Opening Educational Institutes without vaccinating students will be fatal for students,” he said.
NSUI Goa has condemned the decision of Govt for taking the students life for granted and for  being insensitive and irresponsible towards students future.
Naushad Informed that “as per the experts and the chief of AIIMS Dr Randeep Guleria,  “Third Wave is inevitable and it will hit India in a few weeks. in spite of knowing these facts how this insensitive Govt can take such a decision of putting lives of thousands of students at risk?””
NSUI Goa has demanded 100% Vaccination for students and to wait until the Covid-19 cases come to zero in the state before starting physical classes.


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