Now No Take Zones on Goa beaches to protect them: Vishwajit Rane


Panaji: Town and Country Planning Minister Vishwajit Rane on Tuesday announced formation of No Take Zones in and around picturesque beaches of Morjim, Ashvem and Arambol in North Goa as a part of protection and preservation.

 Rane on Tuesday took on to twitter to announce the formation of No Take Zones in these beaches, which are major tourist attraction in the coastal state.

A no-take zone is an area set aside by the government where no extractive activity is allowed. Extractive activity is any action that removes, or extracts, any resource. Extractive activities include fishing, hunting, logging, mining, and drilling.

Rane tweeted “As per the discussion with research scientist Mr Dongre, whom we have requested the Govt of India to depute at @goaforests, has conducted extensive research on #NoTakeZones and areas for not allowing development,” he said.

“In our bid to protect and preserve the picturesque environment of Morjim, Ashvem and Arambol Activities are taking place without permissions and destruction of sand dunes is taking place, as a result of which the department is forced to act and protect these zones,” the minister tweeted.

In yet another tweet, Rane announced that survey No 122/1-A and Survey No 122 will be frozen. Any kind of development is prohibited. The survey numbers for No-Take Zones wil be disclosed in the manner in which we are proceeding. Turtle Nesting sites as well as the areas surrounding must be protected at all costs.”

Research scientist Sujit Kumar Dongre has prepared a report on no-take zones and conservation areas to be notified by the State Forest department with more emphasis on the areas near Turtle Nesting Sites.


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