No Step Down campaign in support of Nilesh Cabral


Panaji: After the rumours flew thick about PWD minister Nilesh Cabral being asked to resign from the cabinet, his followers have began “No Step Down” campaign on social media.


Cabral talking to Prudent Media has also said that he has not been asked to step down by the chief minister.


The followers of Cabral have began social media campaign #NoStepDown. One of the post by Ram Naik reads: I strongly urge the party high command to reconsider any misguided plans to remove Minister Nilesh Cabral from his well-deserved position. Engaging in such an ill-conceived action would be nothing short of political suicide, severely tarnishing the party’s reputation and alienating a significant portion of its loyal electorate.


Meanwhile, Cabral told Prudent media that he has not received any intimation from chief minister to step down.


Cabral has been quoted as saying “CM has still not told me to resign, don’t have any rape or forgery case against me, prove allegations of bribery will resign as minister and MLA before CM tells me.”


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