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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

No financial relief to common Man, Sawant’s budget is a bag of lies and Jumlas: Rahul Mhambre


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Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant has merely weaved a yarn of “jhumlas” in his so called budget which has actually given no financial relief to the common man or industry and the government that is running on loans is just pushing the state into a debt trap said Aam Aadmi Party reacting to the State budget.
AAP Goa Convener Rahul Mhambre said the industry which is under tremendous burden of inflation and low business environment has got no relief whatsoever from the BJP government in Goa. “The common man who has suffered job loss and is faced with high utility bills like power and water has also not got any relief from the government,” he said.
Terming the promised jobs wherein the chief minister said 37 thousand jobs will be provided in the private sector and 11 thousand by the government as a mere lie Rahul asked why none of these jobs were provided in the last four years and are being spoken about now when elections are round the corner.
“The least the government could have done is reduced the prices of petrol and diesel which has not happened and because of this inflation is going to be up and never ending,” said Rahul while terming the budget as a big disappointment for the common man.
He said the scheme for subvention of interest to tourism sector and forming the corporation to restart mining in Goa are a very late after thought and should have happened long back and only then Goa would have been back on its leg as far as mining sector is concerned. “Why did it take the chief minister so long to start the corporation?” he asked.
He pointed out that promises made in the budget last year like construction of Ravndra Bhavan in Mapusa and Canacona along with de-silting of Mapusa and Sal rivers has remained only on paper with nothing tangible happening on the ground and demanded that the chief minister explain why these budget promises were not implemented. The statement made by CM in his budget speech to appoint a consultancy firm for availing central funds for various projects on success fee mechanism is only an indication of hollow the state administration under Sawant is performing. There is no mention of the mounting debt and leading state to debt trap, CM must give a report about last budget plan and execution said AAP Goa Covener Rahul Mhambre
“How can people trust the chief minister when he does not keep the promises made in the budget nor explains why they were not taken up and only avoids the questions,” asked Rahul while demanding that Dr Pramod Sawant first explain why promises made in the last budget have not been implemented as yet.
“Instead of promising a new State Administrative building at the cost of Rs. 250 crores, the chief minister would do well to ensure that the lifts in the various government buildings are operating in the first place to end the hardships faced by people visiting these offices,” he said.
He also termed the promises to preserve environment and protect rivers, bandhs and rivulets in Goa is nothing but a lie as the BJP government is hell being on making Goa a coal hub of the country and selling our beaches through the Coastal Zone Management Plan.

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