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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Netizens give thumbs down to decision of reopening the schools


Panaji: Hours after Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant announced schedule to open the 10th and 12th standard, the netizens gave thumbs down to the decision with some questioning why government is shying away from holding assembly session, if they are not really worried about the covid-19.

Margao-based prominent citizen Vivek Mordekar asked the CM to also declare the policy on 1. In case any student t urns positive and succumbs to the disease, 2. In case any teacher or school staff succumbed to the disease, 3. Can you expect students who might be meeting after months to keep social distancing?

“Will your responsibility as an education minister be limited to announcing financial support for the deceased,” he added.

Another social media user Bhairavi Rodrigues said “I don’t care what anyone of those wo called stakeholders say. Our children, our say. The final decision is ours. The Parents. If anything happens to our children we will have to live with it. These people will not accept any responsibility. So make all the decisions you want. Final decision is ours and you can understand why we don’t want to send our children to school during pandemic. End of.”

Shweta Lawanis wrote “Sir, kindly decide and declare the dates of the legislative assembly sessions too.”

Yuvaraj Sawant said “it is a good decision but school administration and teaching staff may require additional training for covid related sop. School administration and teachers has to understand new normal that has to be practiced for long time now. And PTA should be more organised considering covid.”

Satyam Varde reacted “ Pramod Sir plzz don’t do this. During this pandemic of covid 19. Sir plz continue with oline classes because if the schools start there will be many children coming from different places, And it will be difficult to manage in schools. Sir I hope you will understand the situation.”

Salvador Fernandes said “CM decisions are weak and poor so the statements. I doubt Goa is not clear of covid19 time bomb is ticking getting ready to explode.”

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  1. Schools in Goa should reopen when last Corona patient gets cured in Goa. They conducted one day school in Assembly in the name of Corona and now they wanted our children to conduct months in School during the Corona. Double Standard.


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