National level volleyball player turns plumber to eke out living

Panaji: National level volleyball player Ms. Christie Dias, who has represented Goa team in many tournaments, has now become a plumber after she didn’t get any lucrative job to support her family. She has also quit practicing volleyball because of the closure of parks and sports complexes during the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns.


The 28-year-old sportsperson, who didn’t have any idea of plumbing before, learnt the nuances of the profession in last three years and is now achieving laurels for her dedication and passion.
“Playing Volleyball has always been my life. After graduation, I did my diploma in volleyball and represented Goa in many city-based tournaments and national level games. I also worked as a physical education teacher in a school on a contract basis. I did try my luck in government job so that I continue playing volleyball but god has some different plans for me. I landed into this plumbing profession and earning my living through it,” said Dias.

But, Santa Cruz-based Dias pointed out she is happy and satisfied about the fact that she has atleast reached somewhere in her life.

“You need to be somewhere in your life to have that satisfaction. I have no qualms today and I don’t need any sympathy from anybody. I am working hard everyday to earn my living. Plumbing is a tough job and it’s all male-dominated. But, my colleagues helped me a lot to learn it,” she added.

When asked would she ever return to volleyball as a coach, Dias said,”It will always remain with me. I was also about to participate in beach volleyball in the National Games but it didn’t happen because of the COVID-19. The pandemic has changed many things in everybody’s life. I hope every change turns out to be a positive one for everybody.”


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