Mission Political Reservation for ST of Goa kick off it’s awareness campaign from Sanquelim


Mission Political Reservation for Scheduled Tribes of Goa conducted series of corner meetings in last 10 days at village Panchayat level in Sanquelim to create awareness about the pending constitutional rights of tribal’s & to make people aware about why Reservation of seats in assembly is important to fulfilling pending demands of ST.s.

Two meetings were held in Sanquelim on Saturday in Village Panchayat Pale , one at Bhamae Village and another at Ambeshi Village as part of its awareness campaign . Also door to door visits have started by Mission. In meetings, Tribal leader Shri Rama Kankonkar explained the people What are the pending demands which we were supposed to get as per the constitution & What rights we have not got till today, being notified as Scheduled Tribes in 2003. Today 3500 backlog vacancies in government jobs are pending , there are no Basic facilities like water, light, Roads, education facilities in many villages of tribal, we have to Struggles in getting Govt Schemes, Loans and Subsidies in various departments due to lengthy and complicated documentations ,there are schemes but funds are not been given and diverted to other projects.
Schedule Area Notification not been done , Tribes Advisory Council not functioning , there are more than 10000 Forest right individual claims not been settled , ST Commission has no powers as rules are not framed,. He further added that files of loans for house construction/ repair , files of self-employment schemes for business, remain pending in ST Corporation for 1-2 years due to lack of funds, the same is the case of Agricultural schemes .
From the Annual Budget The state Government has to spend 10 .23% funds i.e 2500 crores every year on tribal people development . But only 400 to 500 crores funds are being Allocated every year and out of which only app.200 crores is being Spent every year. . If the government had spent 2500 crore every year there could have been a total development of our community within 5 years .Our Funds have been robbed by the Government all these years since 2003.The time has come that 2.0lac ST community people should unite to fight for our rights .we have 154000 Voters(app.) with sizeable population in 22 Constituencies which can make difference if we remain united.
All the above demands can be fulfilled if we have Elected representatives from our community on reserved seats. Hence political reservation is very much needed . Only elected representatives from Reserved seats can raise voice on our demands in assembly ,can frame good policies and schemes which will benefit us and thereby help for upliftment of our community. Those now elected on Party tickets listen to their party bosses and work for the party and not for the community, added Rupesh Velip, General Secretary of the Mission.
President of the Mission Adv. Joao Fernandes appealed to people that we should Unitedly fight for the rights and to support Mission political Reservation so that we get Reservation in assembly before 2024 Lok -Sabha Elections.
People have decided to unitedly come together as a community .Mission is getting huge support from every corner of Sanquelim and many ST leaders have are extended its support for the Mission
People from Sanquelim have high hopes that, as assured in Assembly Chief minister of Goa Pramod Sawant who is also Tribal Minister and MLA of Sanquelim Constituencies that ,he should take all party delegation to center to meet Minister for Law and justice Arjun Meghawal and Home Minister Amit Shah,to give Political Reservation before 2024 Lok Sabha elections .
All the Members present in meetings from the Sanquelim Constituencies have vowed to support the mission to get Reservation in Assembly for ST before 2024 Lok Sabha Election.
Rupesh velip,Rama Kakonkar, Abhijit Gaude, Pario Gaonkar, Harsha wadkar, AdV, John Fernandes , Shrikant Nagvekar, Devanand Gaude, Nilesh Gaude ,Ashok velip ,Francisco Colaco, Costantinho Faleiro and others were present.
FOR Mission Political Reservation for ST of Goa


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