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Mining workers betrayed by BJP & Congress for years, AAP is the only solution to solve mining issue of Goa, I have decided to work with AAP: Puti Gaonkar

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Goa mining people’s front convener Puti Gaonkar has announced that he will be contesting the upcoming election on AAP’s ticket in the Sakhali constituency against the CM Pramod Sawant. He said his aim is to resume mining in the state and resolving all the land ownership issues.


Gaonkar who was in news recently, after the announcement of the Goa State Navnirman Aghadi Forum with the aim to defeat the BJP.


He said, ” AAP is the party that fulfills the promises it makes. A few days ago, I had a discussion with AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on mining, land ownership and other issues. All the promises made by Kejriwal in Delhi have been fulfilled. So be it good infrastructure or the promise of free electricity, they have done it all. They have done good work in health and education sector.”.


“Instead of making Goa prosperous for the last ten years, Goa has lagged behind in due to the BJP government. The state’s unemployment rate is 29 percent. The number of suicides in the state is also on the rise. Goa was number one in the country between 2007 and 2012. Now, Goa ranks in between 10-12. There are no new industries in the state”, Gaonkar said.


“The BJP has not been able to start mining in the last 12 years. BJP is not starting mining to protect its own interests. The government is reluctant to help those whose homes were destroyed in the flood. Mining dependents, gadawalas, shopkeepers, farmers are in trouble due to the closure of mining. Corporation has been started to resume mining. But, it’s more of a “Alibaba and forty thieves”. The corporation needs a professional. If given a chance I will solve this issue within six months”, he assured.


He said “Goans need an alternative and in my belief AAP is the alternative. I had a discussion with Kejriwal on the mining issue and he had assured me that he will visit Goa to study the matter and will plan accordingly. I have filed an intervention application on the matter for early hearing and Kejriwal’s legal team will monitor the legal work”.


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