Merces Legal Aid cell to organise a panel discussion on Law on suicide


Panaji: Merces legal Aid Cell (MLAC) is set to organise a panel discussion on law on suicide on 24th october 2020 at 3:00PM on online mode. “The suicides in India have increased dramatically since 2016, hence we need to talk about this pressing issue. Prasenjeet Dhage the In-Charge of Merces Legal Aid Cell said, ” The law on suicide will primarily focus on section 309 of Indian Penal Code which speaks about ‘attempt to suicide’ . “There is a lot of discussion going on around this law as attempt to suicide cannot be punished as it is a very sensitive situation moreover, suicide cannot be treated at par along with other IPC sections which penalise crime such as Murder, Dcoity, Greivous hurt,” inferred Dhage

The panelists for the discussion are ex -principal of Depmo Higher Secondary & Consulting counselor at Miramar Siddha Pujary; Principal of St Michael Higher Secondary Afshan Sayed and Adv. Harsha Naik who has been in practice since 29 years. The Discussion will be moderated by Nindiya Bandodkar an LLB student of salgaocar law college . The discussion will be online mode and is open to all public and they can join the meeting by texting on 9637665545 / 9657371255.


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