Meet the man who has attended 49 IFFIs!


Panaji: The International Film Festival of India is here the 51st IFFI will feature films in the smallest state of India, whether there is Covid-19 or not. The red carpets have been unrolled, banners set up, the Dayanand Bandodkar road is lit up with fairy lights. This year the Film festival will take place on a hybrid platform that is online as well as offline. The preparations had begun well in advance as Inox has gone through a complete overhaul.

“I prefer watching movies in the theatre, it gives me a different feel. Watching movies online on laptop or smartphone is not the same!,” said Kuldeep Ramteke a Director who comes every year from Maharashtra for IFFI. Brajbhushan Chaturvedi another Director and Film producer feels the quality of the show is dropping every year. Chaturvedi is one of the oldest delegates of IFFI who has been coming to IFFI from the last 49 years! “The basic facilities provided for the film festival are unsatisfactory if anyone wants to see how a film festival should not be organized they should pay a visit here!” complained Chaturvedi. Gajanan Bhatkar  a resident of Bardez and a film lover reckons “The movies that feature here are unique and you don’t get to see them on TV, I like IFFI they feature films from all around the word.”


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