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Lay off stares at Staff in Hotel Industry: AAP

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Aam Aadmi Party has suggested various measures for the revival of the economy of the state that is hit due to lockdown. In a letter to the Chief Minister, Party leader on economic affairs Rahul Mhambre who is a practicing CA, has brought to the CM’s notice the need for remedial measures to be taken in the MSME and tertiary sectors that includes those in self employment in trading, services and other occupations. He has mainly pointed out to the negative working capital cash flow situation and recommended relief in GST net liability for a year equivalent to the extent of salaries and utility bills paid during lockdown. He also has called for 25% increase in working capital limits without additional collateral security and has urged the government to settle all bills of services rendered to it by various Contractors.

Meanwhile Party Convenor Elvis Gomes informed that large scale lay off was staring at staff employed in the hospitality industry. He said that hotels in the state that had a large workforce which was drawn from within the state was set to be rendered jobless as the industry was not in a position to pay salaries for the third month in a row due to drying up of cash inflows and sought immediate intervention of the government to save the situation. Gomes said that information gathered by the party suggested that local Goans constituted the largest group when it came to departments such as ‘front office, production and service’ which had come to a standstill.

“ We had called on a few from the industry to understand the impact and were told that for upkeep of the hotel establishment, jobs in the engineering, gardening and housekeeping departments may not be affected for the time being, but in other sectors, employees may be laid off beginning May 2020 as these activities had come to a halt. The employers had been kind enough to pay employees for the last two months of the shutdown based on government advice to do so” said Gomes. He said that suggestions had been received that the government should ensure that jobs of the employees were saved by extending benefits such as reduction in GST, excise fees, shacks fees,and also undertaking to bear the PF and ESI components of the employees. He also said that many were of the opinion that electricity charges should be on actual consumption basis and Security Deposit equal to two months billing should be released so as to bring in liquidity to assist the employers. Gomes also said that on the lines of Delhi, cash incentives were required to be extended to taxi operators, auto rickshaw and motorcycle pilots as well as private bus operators and their staff as they were hit the hardest due to the prevailing situation.
“ Government has at once thought of Casinos, but not of these sectors” said Gomes


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