Last two days sees six lost children reunited with their families; double rescue in Palolem today


Panaji: Earlier today afternoon a family from Karnataka were enjoying their time at Colva beach when they realised that their 8 years old boy was not around them. After searching for a while, the family approached the lifesavers tower. Drishti LifesaverShankar Paryekar immediately carried out a search operation while announcing on the PA system about the missing boy. After a while the boy was found and reunited with his family. Meanwhile a 6 years old girl from Maharashtra was found by Sachin Amre at Candolim beach. After several announcements were made by the team patrolling the area, the parents were located at the beach the child was reunited with the parents.

The weekend that went by witnessed four missing children cases in Calangute and Baga beaches. The children were between the age of 4- 6 years. Drishti Lifesavers conducted search operations and reunited them with their families.

Earlier today along the Palolem coast a 31 year old and 32 years old male from Hyderabad went kayaking. With the force of the waves hitting the kayak, it overturned, causing the victima to fall into the waters. Drishti lifesaver Laxmikant Sagrekar noticed the overturned kayaks and the victim gesturing for help and rushed to the victims’ aid. He secured them on the jetski and brought them back to the shore.


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