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Justice Bakre proved Sawant’s Lokayukta Act is a ‘Toothless Tiger’ – Vijai

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Goa Forward Party President Vijai Sardesai commented on the former Bombay High Court Justice U.V Bakre’s decision to decline the offer to be Goa’s next Lokayukta, saying “Justice Bakre proved Sawant’s Lokayukta Act is a toothless tiger, and he has thereby exposed the government’s corrupt agenda.

Vijai Sardesai said that the government’s move to water down the Lokayukta Act is an attempt at destroying every possible safety check, and that the government’s actions have yet again made the state a laughing stock across the country. Sardesai commended former Justice U.V Bakre for withdrawing his name and consent saying, “we should be grateful and respectful that Justice Bakre took the right stand and humbly withdrew his consent and refused his legacy to be tainted with Pramod Sawant’s corruption.”

Sardesai in a tweet said that “during the discussions on the amendments to Lokayukta Act in the Legislative Assembly I had said no retired judge with self-respect would accept the position of the Goa Lokayukta as it is made toothless by BJP which stands for corruption! My stand is vindicated!”

The GFP Chief demanded that the Lokayukta Act be strengthened, giving the Lokayukta the independent authority and power it deserves. Sardesai claimed that “the Chief Minister and his government were adamant to water down the Lokayukta’s authority so that it could unquestioningly go ahead with all its anti-Goan deals and policies including the CZMP re-zoning, Mormuago port trust privatization, the linear projects in Mollem, and facilitate the selling of Goa to Adani.”

Furthermore, Sardesai said “day by day the CM and his crooked government are being exposed as justice and truth are with the people, and Sawant’s and BJP’s days are numbered.” Vijai highlighted that the opposition remains firm in holding the government accountable and urged the people to support his united call for Team Goa.


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