Job seeking youth should be cautious. Govt. is run by power brokers: AAP


The Aam Aadmi party today urged youth thronging in government offices, standing in serpentine queues , aspiring for Govt jobs, to exercise caution as in the present situation, the prospects of meritorious candidates getting the jobs were practically nil. Addressing media, Aap Convenor Elvis Gomes said that it is shameful to see long queues before government offices merely to take a form , fill and submit it when an online procedure to submit applications could have been adopted making it easier for those thousands of job seekers. Gomes also said that as transparency is the last word in this government as big time job brokers have surfaced with the blessings of the ministers who are given the task of assuring everyone approaching them, of giving a job for a consideration that could run into a collection of crores of rupees. Gomes further said that only those coming from the constituencies of the ministers in whose department the jobs are advertised would be considered as ‘brilliant candidates’ leaving all others out. “In our childhood, we queued up for movie tickets and often injured ourselves. Is the situation same today? Then why are the youth made to queue up ? For whom is the technology and for whom are the IT parks thought of ?”said Gomes.

Citing specific instances of job brokering in the health and power departments, Gomes said that it was a cruel blow to the candidates from places other than the constituencies of the ministers who spent hours going through the process. ” look at the selection in the case of pharmacists. Out of 8 jobs, 6 are offered to candidates from Sattari . One is from Sattari staying at a different location and other one is married in another town who we are told is a originally from Sattari. Manohar Parrikar is helpless. Why waste time of the others ? Out of nearly 25000 applications for 167 jobs in the south Collectorate alone, 24843 will go empty handed not because they don’t deserve them but because they have no connection with the bedroom boys of the minister. This is not fair.” quipped Gomes

Aap General Secretary Pradeep Padgaonkar appealed to the youth not to get disappointed they don’t get jobs for hailing from a place where there are no ministers or mla’s . He said that the whole exercise is being carried out to deceive the applicants with elections in mind.


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