Jetty Policy: Those who have submitted objections will be called for discussion: Rohan Khaunte


Panaji: Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte said that the objection to the Jetty Policy is unwarranted as the policy is exclusively about weeding out illegalities on the existing tourism jetties.

Khaunte said that those who are protesting against the Policy have not even read the document, but are misled with the statements.

He said that there is no mention about coal or fishing in the policy, which has specifically mentioned that it is to regular the operations of the jetty meant for tourism purpose.

The tourism minister said that the policy will do away with illegal guides and touts working on the jetties like Santa Monica in Panaji.

Khaunte said that if Goa tourism has to sustain, the illegalities which has cropped up in the business should be tackled.

The minister said that the persons who are giving suggestions and objections to the policy will be called for discussion by the department before finalizing the policy.

“But those who want to create confusion and instigate people, I cant say anything about them,” he said.


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