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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

J P Nadda is trying to fool people of Goa: Mahua Moitra

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Panaji: Trinamool Congress Party Member of Parliament Mahua Moitra on Thursday accused BJP National President J P Nadda of “trying to fool the people of Goa.”

Addressing a press conference in Goa, Moitra took a dig at Nadda over his statement against West Bengal government during his public address in Sattari taluka on Thursday.

“It is ironic that Mr Nadda has come today, and instead of focusing on what does best, that is sticking to Delhi and speaking about what Mr Modi is doing, he is actually wasting his time convincing the people of Goa that they should be fooled,” she commented.

She said that the people of Goa did not get fooled last time and he wants that they should be fooled this time.

“People of Goa want a change and it is happening. So Mr Nadda, whatever you say, we (TMC) are here to stay,” she said.

Responding to a question about Nadda’s speech inGoa, Moitra said “I would really urge Mr Nadda, after he got the drubbing in Bengal (West Bengal) to, at least, have the decency and shame to sit home for few months and recoup.”

“The man (Nadda) has come here when BJP did not had mandate to form the government (in 2017), they got 13 seats while congress got 17. They poached MLAs from other parties and cobbled together a coalition,” she said.

Moitra said that the BJP failed “spectacularly” to govern the state. “Today, 6,000 people are at the heritage site (of Old Goa) protesting the fact that they have illegally started construction inside ASI (Archeological Survey of India) site.”

She pointed out that the murder mystery teenage girl Sidhi Naik is yet to be solved. “Goans say that they are not feeling safe, there is rape, murder and crime against women,” she added.


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