INDIA Alliance will win South Goa, AAP would have done better organised campaign: Venzy Viegas 


(Full interview will be released tonight on our YouTube channel) 

Benaulim: While asserting that INDIA Alliance will win South Goa seat comfortably, AAP MLA Venzy Viegas on Thursday said that the campaign could have been better handled, had his party had contested the polls.

Viegas was initially announced as AAP candidate from South Goa but later had to withdraw from the fray after INDIA Alliance decided to allow Congress contest on both the Parliamentary seats in Goa — North and South Goa.

“When I was told not to contest, I did not feel bad as the whole idea was to bring the alliance together,” Viegas told GNH.

He said that when his name was announced, the INDIA Alliance was not working at that time and there was lot of delay to declare the candidates. “I was ready to contest as party had suggested my name,” he said.

Viegas recalled that even when it was decided that Congress will contest both the seats, he was the first leader to hit the ground, without even waiting for the candidates to be announced.

“Congress is always know for its delayed response. When we know that the partner will delay, we thought of not to waste time and hit the ground and talk to people and start the campaign. In that what we did was that we told people that channelize your anger into votes,” he said.

When asked whether he could have been able to make better impact compared to Congress’ Viriato Fernandes, Viegas said “

What I see now that if ticket was given to me, the result would have been same but management would have been better. Management of AAP in South Goa would have been better and totally organised.”

The AAP MLA said that the Congress candidate will certainly win South Goa and he will get highest margin in Benaulim assembly constituency which is represented by him.

“At least 80 per cent of the people from Benaulim have voted for INDIA Alliance. That margin will help him win the election,” he said.


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