Increased prices of LPG cylinder will create more burden on Goans pocket, BJP has failed to deliver its promises: AAP women wing


Aam Aadmi Party’s women wing came down heavily on the Bharatiya Janata Party government for making their life miserable and unbearable with the constant rise in prices of essential commodities and said the hike in the LPG cylinders will make it difficult for them to even provide food for their families.

The women pointed out that besides withdrawing the subsidies available to them earlier, the government has now increased the price of LPG which will restrict its use in cooking and wondered whether the government wants them to go back to cooking with firewood.
“It appears that the government has a hidden agenda in reducing the forest cover of Goa and hence by increasing the price of LPG is forcing us to cut trees to use them as fuel,” said Patricia Fernandes.
Aurea Rodrigues on the other hand said that all talks around Goa becoming Swayampurna is a distant dream thanks to the misgovernance of the present BJP government and earlier Congress government and lamented that Goans had to bear these two parties for all these years.
Uma Volvoikar said life has truly become difficult as they have to pay high electricity and water bills and with petrol prices increasing every now and then said the hike in LPG prices will now add to their burden and accused the BJP of being anti-women promoting patriarchal society in keeping with their belief in archaic Indian traditions and customs where the women was relegated to the kitchen.
Matilda D’Silva said Goans are living with only one goal which is to oust the BJP government from power as and when the elections are held


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