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In Sanguem PSI Redkar investigated case against himself, also gave clean chit to himself

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Margao: It was not a long back that Sanguem Police Sub Inspector Sudin Redkar was seen kicking a man on the video. He was transferred to Goa Reserve Police after the video clip became viral. But now GoaNewsHub has accessed one of the document which will make people say ‘Piso Jala Re Ho Police’?

The infamous kicking officer Redkar has conducted investigation into the complaint filed against him by a Sanguem residence who had accused him of custodial assault. Just not that Redkar has also given clean chit to himself in the inquiry saying no police action is warranted in the serious complaint like custodial assault.

PSI Redkar was accused of assaulting Sanguem residence Amit Naik on March 25, 2018 who was arrested as a part of warrant issued against him by Pune Court in a financial matter. Sanguem police were supposed to hand him over to their counterparts in Pune.

But the complaint filed by wife of Amit mentions that her husband was assaulted by local men  including Abhijit Desai, Ulhas Gawas, Prakash Bhagat along with Police Sub Inspector Sudin Redkar and Police Constable Somesh Desai after arresting him.

What is interesting is that PSI Redkar who is named as the accused himself has conducted investigation of the complaint and has given a report to the complainant that all the accused were not guilty of the offence and no police action is warranted.

Redkar has written a formal letter to the complainant on April 03, 2018 has said that Amit was arrested with the help of public by police constable Somesh Desai since there was no staff available during the time of his arrest.

The subject of the letter mentions name of Redkar as accused and he has also signed it himself as investigation officer.

Redkar has said that Amit was resisting the arrest and was “forcibly brought in the car and then to the police station.

“It is further to inform that at no point of time he was assaulted neither by public nor by police and the legal procedure was followed as per law and that no police action is warranted in this matter,” Redkar has said closing the inquiry into the complaint against himself.

This must be historically first investigation in Goa police in which an accused has investigated matter against himself.

GoaNewsHub demands that the inquiry should be conducted into how Police Inspector Sagar Ekoskar who is heading the police station allowed the accused to investigate complaint against himself and there should be re-investigation into the custodial assault case. We will follow this matter to its logical conclusion.

And those who want to see the letter written by Redkar to the complainant can email us on [email protected], we will send you the copy.


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