Illegal moving food carts near GMC will be a thing of the past, govt notifies the area as No Parking


Panaji: The illegal mobile carts which have sprung around the Goa Medical College and Hospital, Bambolim will face axe with District Collector notifying the area as No Parking Zone.
District Collector Mamu Hage has issued notification marking stretch on either side of Merces Junction to Holy Cross, Bambolim and stretch from either side from Neuro Pediatric Centre (way to GMC) to Super Speciality Hospital.
The panchayats of St Cruz, Merces, Curca, Bambolim and Talaulim has been asked to issue notification through local newspapers about the same.
Ths notification will have impact on the illegal food carts which are stationed at GMC. The vehicles that are parked on the roadside and sell food items will have to be moved, if authorities implement the rule in toto.
But at the same time, the relatives of the passengers who have been parking their vehicles along these stretches will have to search for alternate space,
With no proper parking available in the GMC, the relatives will have to park their vehicles away and walk up to the hospital.


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