If we had private interest, we would not have been here: Sardesai


Panaji: Goa Forward Party President Vijai Sardesai today took sharply reacted to the reported statement by minister Nilesh Cabral wherein the latter had said the former was having private interest in change of leadership.

 When asked by reporters in Margao about the reported statement, Sardesai reiterated that he was called by BJP National President Amit Shah to discuss the leadership issue.

“Issue is that we were called BJP National president Amit Shah in Delhi. We were called to discuss leadership issues. Where is personal interest in that? Cabral has told me that he was misquoted and he will clarify about it. I feel that he will clarify,” he said.

Sardesai said that he is not  getting disturbed over it. “He is new and he should have control on what he speaks. When I am discussing with national leadership I don’t find it correct to join issue wit colleague of mine,” he said.

Sardesai said Cabral has denied making such a statement and he would clarify today.

“Now the statement that is carried of Cabral his statement talks about private interest. First of all if I had to think about my private interest then I would not have been here.  I would have been somewhere else. I have not thought about my private interest,” he said.

“Cabral is my colleague in the cabinet. He is just 15 days old in the cabinet and he is just getting initiated, he has not even attended a formal cabinet meeting yet. He needs to think before speaking,” Sardesai said.

The minister said “one important aspect is that we public man has to ensure that private interests does not conflict with the public good that we are expected to uphold.”

“In this issue what is public good. Public of Goa expects us, elected representatives and ministers, who are ruling them to be honest and not to be hypocrites. Public of Goa does not like hypocrites. Public of Goa recognizes hypocrite and does not like it. What is hypocricy is that everything is fine. I am not that kind. I will call spade a spade,” he said.

Sardesai said “everybody knows the consequences of allegations and counter allegations.”

“The Private interest should not conflict with public good. We are here for public good. I need not reiterate the history of who made Manohar Parrikar chief minister and how he became the CM,” he commented.

“I expect them to clarify. I am not a hypocrat. I will discuss the issue straight on. It is a fact that chief minister is having a sickness. That has affected his working. Consequently it has affected administration of Goa. surely it has affected, there is no two ways about it. I have said clearly that Goans have big heart and humane,” he said.

“I expect him to clarify and I will wait for the clarification and I will decide accordingly,” he added.

“Let us be rest assured that we are independent entity and we are thinking for good of Goa. We respect Manohar Parrikar. I had assured him the support even before the first vote was counted.  I had stitched up this alliance before the first vote was count. If I had to think of private interest then things would be different,” he said.


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