I am spending from my pocket for treatment, did not wanted to block govt bed, Sudin Dhavalikar.


Dona Paula: After facing criticism for not getting admitted in the government run covid treatment facility after testing positive, MGP MLA Sudin Dhavalikar said that he preferred Manipal Hospital as he did not wanted to block the beds in the government facility.

In a statement released here, Dhavalikar said that he took the decision to get admitted in private hospital along with his family, who has also tested positive, to ensure that the beds in government facility are not blocked and made available for the common people.

“With the blessings of God and all well wishers and efforts of all Doctors and staff from Manipal Hospitals, I am recovering from Covid19 infection,” the former state minister said.


“While I am admitted in Manipal Hospitals , I read news reports of some politicians criticising me on my admission to private hospital. I would like to make a note that I along with my wife and my two family members got admitted in Manipal hospitals on the advice of my brother who is doctor by profession,” he said.

“Also with many patients getting admitted in government hospital and beds getting full, it was not appropriate for us to utilise these beds as same could be used by needy when required,” Dhavalikar said.

He stated that in this covid pandemic, he has not  utilised any govt. machinery for his personal benefit. “Even though I am rightfully entitled for all medical expenses as an MLA, in my tenure of 21 years I have tried not to burden government with my healthcare expenses and have not used a single rupee of government to pay my medical bills and will also not burden them with my Covid19 treatment,” he added.

Dhavalikar has also requested other MLAs who may have taken or taking treatment at private hospital not to burden already cash strapped government with their medical expenses.


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