25 COVID Deaths In Less Than 72 Hours


25 Covid deaths in less than 72 hours taking the count to 175. To make things worse, our ESI hospitals and private hospitals designated for Covid treatment are at full capacity and every other Covid treatment facility is stretched to its maximum.

I request every Goan to strictly maintain social distancing & frequent sanitisation to avoid contracting Corona because it means you will be forced to undergo home treatment which could put other family members at risk. I have made enough requests to the Government to be prepared but since those requests have fallen on deaf ears of CMOs, I appeal to every Goan to take precautions to protect himself, family and fellow citizens failing which due to the unpreparedness of the Government, every Goan will be left to fend for themselves on the streets and not hospitals. This Covid Mismanagement will go down as the Darkest Chapter of Ineptitude in Governance.


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