How did the lockdown hit us ?


The world  was reeling the under the impact  of the Corona Virus since January/February. In Goa all was fine till  the  2nd weekend of March .We played a cricket match on Saturday the 14th March  at MCC Margao followed by Shigmo Parade at Panaji and some private parties .The only thing I specifically remember was when  the match got over there were sanitisers kept by the organisers this was first f its kind. On the way back to Panaji I was checked my mobile phone to the news that courts will not be working as usual for next couple of weeks .The thought of courts not working was very appealing ,as regards to the time in hand to finish the backlog as well as spending quality time back home with my little girl Sia.


The Monday 16th saw unprecedented little movement of people on the ever so busy 18th June Road at Panaji.My wife had started to bring her hospital like culture & routines from GMC where she is Chief Medical Officer back home .I was handed couple of sanitisers out of which one was meant for car and the other for the office.The new orders were coming every following day & situation reaching to such a stage that my daughter along with my mother were to be “quarantined from me  when I arrived from out and the gateway to meet them was to have bath with all possible disinfectants available after which the aroma of these disinfectants would remit the memories of hospital visit .This protocol would become more and more stringent as the week went by and the panic had set in among the masses.


The midweek saw the news of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi  addressing the nation which refreshed the memories of 8th November,2016 .The address brought in the news of the “Janta Curfew” which was indeed welcomed by people as if Government was making them work compulsorily on Sunday and that they never wanted a Holiday .The Janta Curfew had rider too of coming on to the Verandahs ,balconies ,terraces etc and cheering, clapping or clanging plates to salute the Corona Warriors which was slated  for 5 pm .The lead up to the this event was enacted by Me and my little daughter by clanging plates every time my wife left for the duty or entered from duty totally oblivion to the stress she had been going through knowing the impact of the Virus .


The people in general whoever I spoke to or on social media had ball on 22nd March during Janata Curfew while totally losing the intent of cheering & clapping and the apathy &madness that followed of rallies ,marches etc.In India whenever there  is Law enacted it takes just days to find loopholes to break it that’s why amendments come to fore and then the cycle continues.Yes you can blame lawyers for that but moment you provide some relaxation the entire idea Behind a decision is curled to different tangent altogether .At times I even pity those running the administration that  they have to deal with different genre of individuals who are brilliant at times and  yet run out of fuel in their minds in some situations.


The Chaotic next couple of days followed with cabinet meet of State Government where it was decided  have lockdown till 31st March and so the people of Goa began preparing plans post 31st March, amidst this the Prime Minster declared 21days lockdown.The Panic had taken over people ,they were buying stuff & things they had not bought for years together .Huge lines at grocery and super-marts could be seen on 24th March evening itself as if there was no tomorrow. The people had the lost the track of what they wanted to buy ,for instance the  people did not distinguish between normal  and sugar free biscuits meant for diabetic patients & picked up whatever in hand .


The season of “Hurrak”had just set in and in this bargain of picking up coldrinks and stocking them at home ,genuine “Hurrak” lovers were running short of the “Limca”.The times were such that having Limca would be  worth its weight in Gold .The fish and Veggies were bought in multiple kilos.Yet when for example CCP opened its own store the same elite who had sufficient stocked more leaving those slightly under privileged  stranded for necessities ,however the system was churned & seen that necessities reach each door step .


To look back on the days gone by ,they definitely taught us the importance of each day of our life .The fear of virus got most of the families together ,the fighting couples together, the fighting neighbours together and more so the community together. After all the Covid 19 has taken us back from we started ,back to our roots, back to the nature. The lockdown has also given us time to enjoy the nature specially the beautiful sunsets ,which all these years we have failed to enjoy in our surge of the daily bread & butter. It also presented us time  to hear our near and dear ones whom we had not inquired for considerable time and most importantly be self reliant in doing the chores of our homes .Though the things are relaxed  ‘green zone’ is abbreviation of the larger risk we are at still  ,as said by great virologist “Virus anywhere is virus everywhere” and till then the battle for survival continues .




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