Guleli panchayat rejects NOC for proposed IIT project compound wall – Devendra Gaonkar


Sattari: On Tuesday the Guleli village panchayat held a special meeting on proposed IIT project issue and has rejected the NOC for compound wall.

The Shel Melauli villagers held a silent protest in front of Guleli village panchayat against the proposed IIT project. The around four hundred village women were presence for silent protest.

All the seven panch members of Guleli village panchayat had a discussion on IIT project issue and the panchayat has rejected the demarcation tender work, and NOC for compound hall, while taking the views of all seven panch members.

The Guleli village panchayat Sarpanch, Apurva Chari says that the IIT Goa have submitted them a file for the permission of constructing the compound hall on proposed land of IIT project. They have rejected the compound wall construction file, while taking the views of all seven panch members.

Our village panchayat have rejected the NOC for compound hall of proposed IIT project. We wellcome the decision of Guleli Village panchayat, says Shashikant Sawardekar, a villager.


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