GTDC’s GoaMiles completes a successful year as Goa’s first and only app-based taxi service

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Panjim: GoaMiles which was launched last year on 6th August 2018 by the Goa Tourism Development  Corporation (GTDC) has already achieved  huge success and had been appealing to  local tourist  taxi operators to join  the  new service  which has proven beneficial  to the  hundreds of taxi operators  already in service with GoaMiles.

GoaMiles has offices  both in North & South Goa which will be used to provide services to taxi drivers.  GoaMiles app-based service has paid a considerable amount of Goods and Services Tax to the state government and has assured to pay with continuity.

Almost 30% of the female travelers are using the APP on a daily basis as  it is an extremely secured mode of transport for passengers and 28% local Goan travelers are using the APP on a daily basis as it is extremely easy to use e &  an affordable mode of transport for passengers.

GoaMiles has a new facility with additional centrally monitored command center capability to keep an eye on every trip. There have been over 65,000 downloads on the iOs App and over 2,33,770 downloads of the Android App, totaling to about 2,98,770 downloads in a span of 12 months. GoaMiles has now managed to enroll more than 1,600 taxis over the last 12 month and more joining in with every passing day.

A local taxi driver who has joined  GoaMiles  earns  a minimum  of Rs 3,500  a day without losing on commission  which  other  app based taxi  service providers charge in other states. This figure is much more than what a non GoaMiles driver earns in a day and the earning potential is directly proportional to the hard work put in by the driver.

Since its launch in August last year, GoaMiles  fleet has steadily risen from  55 vehicles  to 1,600 cabs. The  app-based taxi service which started in  August 2018 with 1,500 trips per month touched around  14,000 trips in December 2018 and  in June  2019,  has recorded  more than  20,000 trips per month.  It has set a target of increasing its trips  for the financial year 2020  by  2 lakhs. Goa has  around 30,000  taxi operators and around 2,500 rent-a-cab operators  who are legalised and   conducting  authorised business’  who can join  the app-based aggregator.

The road ahead for GoaMiles  looks very bright with a lot of innovative and creative features in the pipeline which will benefit locals and tourists. After the introduction of Go Later option introduced on 5th  June 2019 which provides  an advance booking choice,  has led to a 20% increase in the overall booking count.

GoaMiles Home Button will  be introduced, which will enable the driver to get the booking which is toward the path of their home. The driver can use this button twice daily this will assist him to reach home with return booking without a dry run.

GoaMiles will introduce Local package & Out Station package integrated on the APP, this will be like their current tourist package business. GoaMiles with the support from the Goa State Government will initiate Group Medical Insurance for GoaMiles drivers . GoaMiles will initiate Accident Coverage for any driver/driver- cum-owner on GoaMiles duty.

GoaMiles will contribute INR 1 and Goa Government INR 1 from each trip and submit the same to   a government nominated fund account. These funds will be utilized to help unanticipated circumstances faced by  any GoaMiles enlisted drivers.

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