Govt Primary School building at Maloli, Sattari cries for attention By Devendra Gaonkar


Valpoi: The Government Primary School building of Maloli village has been in a dilapidated condition since the past few years. The Maloli villagers have informed the Valpoi ADEI office several times and they have requested the ADEI officer to repair the Village school building and also informed the local panchayat regarding the school building’s bad condition. Till date no one has taken the action.


The School building roofs are falling down, building plaster got many cracks and floor plaster is already gone. Now the school is running in the congested room and that room is next to the School building. Around fifteen plus children are studying in this school, say villagers.


Our village primary school building has been in a bad condition for the past many years. Our School PTA members have already informed the Valpoi ADEI officer, but they are not taking any action, says a villager Nandakumar Kopardekar.


For the past many years, School building has been in bad shape and no one is repairing the school building after informing the concerned authority. Now the villagers have started sending their children to Convent School because the Government primary school building is in a bad shape, says another villager.


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