Goencho Avaaz asks the people of Goa to stay united as a new political circus unfolds in the state


As a new political circus unfolds in Goa, Goencho Avaaz Party warns Goans to be vigilant and to take cognizance of those politicians who are now revealing themselves as the principal architects of Goa’s destruction and devastation.
Commenting on the situation, Captain Viriato Fernandes, State Convenor of Goencho Avaaz Party asked Luizinho Faleiro not to insult the intelligence of the people of Goa by expecting them to believe that his abrupt resignation from primary membership of the INC and as MLA of Navelim was in order to start a “movement of unification of our state to fight people who are trying to divide”. “One by one all the wolves in sheep’s clothing will be revealed and people will understand the utter depravity and degeneration of Goa’s political classes, who seem to be worshipping at the altar of power and avarice. Luizinho Faleiro’s esoteric and vague narrative when he announced his resignation from the Congress party, peppered with the right amount of histrionics, fooled nobody. Wasn’t he the President of the Congress Party in March 2017, displaying weak leadership when he made the outrageous claim that Digvijay Singh stopped him from submitting a letter to the governor to stake claim to forming the government? Today, we would like to ask him, where was his humiliation when the BJP was selling and destroying Goa by bringing in the Regional Plan, TDR, 16B and the three linear projects? Or does he only suffer from selective humiliation? Where was the humiliation when his 10 MLAs betrayed the Congress party and wilfully ignored the mandate of the people? Luizinho Faleiro needs to come clean to the people of Goa and clarify whether he gave a commitment to the 10 defector MLAs when they left the Congress that he would create a safe passage out of the BJP at the right time?
Sharing his perspective, Swapnesh Sherlekar, President of Goencho Avaaz Party said: ‘’Political prostitution is rife in Goa’s political landscape, where tragically, sons of the soil themselves are betraying their motherland and selling off Goa for their selfish interests. This is a clarion call to people that collectively we will fight this and save Goa. The TMC should understand that Goa will not be used as a pawn to further any sinister political agendas that don’t work in the best interests of the people. Goans are more than capable of taking care of our own issues.’’
According to Roshan Mathias, GAP Vice President, “History has taught us repeatedly that the Portuguese and the British entry into India were facilitated by locals. Is this also the legacy that Luizinho Faleiro wants to leave behind – as the man who was responsible for bringing in the TMC to aid and abet in his homeland’s destruction? The people of Goa will never forget nor forgive Luizinho for this significant betrayal.’’
‘’I have a message for my fellow Goans. Now is the time to come together and stay united. Together we will fight the forces that threaten to destroy our beloved Goa. Goans succeeded in getting liberation once before, and we will do it again’’ concluded Captain Viriato Fernandes.


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