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Goa to integrate COVID-19 vaccination into normal immunization after achievement of100 percent second dose


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Panaji: The Goa government on Wednesday announced that it has achieved hundred percent COVID-19 vaccination of the second dose for the population following which the special programme of immunization would be integrated with the main initiative.

Director of Health Services Dr Ira Almeida told reporters in Panaji that the Directorate of Health Services has decided to close down all its COVID-19 vaccination centres, integrating the program with the normal immunization program. She clarified that the COVID-19 vaccination will continue but it in line with the schedule of normal immunization program.

Goa government’s decision to close down the vaccination centre comes one year and one month after it began extensive exercise to provide first and second dose of the vaccine, amidst rising pandemic.

Dr Rajendra Borkar, State Immunisation Officer, said that the target of vaccinating 11.66 lakh eligible beneficiaries of the vaccine has been completed by administering them both the doses.

He said that hundred percent vaccination does not mean that people will stop coming to get the vaccine. “There will be some people who would be still left to be immunized who will come for the vaccination,” Borkar said.

The officer said that the COVID-19 immunisation was taken up uninterrupted even on the days when state witnessed worst cyclone and high rainfall. “I congratulate all the team members who worked tirelessly to achieve this target,” he said.

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