Congress leader Sankulp Amonkar files case before RO



Vasco: GPCC Vice President Sankalp Amonkar on Wednesday filed a complain to the returning officer against intimidation of Government officers to vote for BJP through Postal Ballots. Amonkar adressing a press conference alleged that BJP Candidate Milind Naik has been calling Government officials to his residence and office to cast their votes for BJP in his presence.
Amonkar demanded strict action from the Government and also appealed the authorities to make the list of Government officials available so that every contestant can approach the Government employees and convince them to vote for them.
Amonkar also added that during the last assembly elections, Milind Naik had won the elections with the same practice and won through postal ballot votes.
Amonkar said that it was high time that the practice of forcing Government employees to cast votes for BJP in the presence of the candidates needed to be stopped so that the elections can be conducted in a free and fair manner.
Amonkar also said that the Government machinery was being used to intimidate the Government employees and force them to cast votes to the BJP and also produced the mobile number that was being used by BJP supporters and BJP councillors to call Government employees to the residence of Milind Naik for casting of ballot votes. Amonkar also appealed all the Government employees not to bow down to the pressure and cast their votes at the possible earliest so that they are not subject to pressure from the BJP for postal ballot


  1. Election Commission of India is the father of the house (India). Political Parties are the Children of that house (India). ECI, as the head of the house (India) should bring discipline among their children (Political Parties). ECI should tell them (Political Parties) that I am the head of the house and you are the children of the house. Maintain discipline in the house or you will be punished.


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