Goa to face extreme heat waves from March to May


Panaji: Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) today issued an advisory that the temperature is going to soar in the coastal state in the next three months. The extreme hot weather conditions will see maximum temperature above of the normal maximum temperature and minimum temperature above of the normal minimum temperature.

The department has asked the residents of Goa to adhere precautions from the heat wave. They asked people to switch to light food habits and adequate water intake during these hottest months. Seasonal fruits and vegetables help to keep oneself cool and hydrated. To prevent heat stroke one can have onion salad, raw mango with cumin, drink fluids with electrolytes like coconut water, lemon juice, butter milk and aam panna. One needs to avoid alcohol, tea, coffee, soft drinks, oily, spicy and excessive salt food. Non-vegetarians can eat slightly grilled chicken or fish rather than red meat.
“People are advised to take note of the same to protect themselves from the Heat Wave,” a statement from IMD reads.


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