Goa has two options: support an honest party or support the BJP directly or indirectly: Arvind Kejriwal


Panaji: The Aam Aadmi Party national convener and Delhi CM on Tuesday stated that Goans have two options this election; either vote for AAP and have honest government or support the BJP directly or indirectly in order to form the government.

Arvind Kejriwal, who is on a four-day tour here, arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

While speaking to the media at the airport he said, “The upcoming Assembly election is important for Goa. Goans must decide what is best for them. One option is to support the AAP, which has promised a corruption-free government. Another option is to support the BJP directly or indirectly”.

Referring to Congress’s history of political defections, he said “In the last election Goans fed up with the BJP government chose the Congress. However, the Congress MLAs let down Goans”.

He further said, “The situation is the same this time around, with talk of Congress defections in every part of the state. The BJP has planned a new strategy. Once the Congress candidates have won their seats, they are going to join the BJP”.

Kejriwal said that since BJP has realised it cannot form a government without winning the Salcete bastion, it has put seven candidates on the ballot under the Congress banner, and it is financing them”.


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