Goa govt’s Drone Policy 2022 suggests governance with the use of aerial vehicles


Panaji: The Drone Policy 2022 introduced by Goa government has suggested that its departments should consider the use of these aerial vehicles for delivering efficient and effective governance.

Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant in presence of State Information Technology minister Rohan Khaunte had launched Drone Policy 2022 on December 19, Goa Liberation Day.

The policy mentions that drones offer tremendous benefits to almost every sector of the economy, including but not limited to agriculture, infrastructure, emergency response, transportation, geospatial mapping, media, entertainment, law enforcement and others.

The Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, in its policy, has said that the state government shall extend the benefits under the Goa Start-Up Policy 2021 and Goa IT Policy 2018 to drone and drone component manufacturers and service providers.

Further, Drone shall be the key focus area for the Government for the purpose of any additional incentives that could be accrued thereon, the policy mentions.

The policy mentions that since this technology being in the nascent stage, the Government endeavours to create an industry ready workforce.

As per the policy, the government will engage with technical institutes and academia to design drone-related courses for use in sectors like Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Healthcare, Mining and others.

“The government will help in establishing drone schools that offer various courses in drone operations and pilot certification,” the policy reads, adding that the government will encourage the setting up of centre of Excellence  within higher academic institutions to promote Research and Development.

The Department will also development capacity-building programs for Government officials, create customized modular training for differentiated training needs based on levels and fields of service.

The policy also aims to create a network of certified drone pilots and instructors in the state.


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