Goa government will prepare its own Coastal Zone Management Plan: Nilesh Cabral


Porvorim: Goa government on Tuesday said that they will have their own Coastal Zone Management plan which will be given to the centre, without depending on union government appointed agency to do the work.

State Environment Minister Nilesh Cabral told the House during ongoing assembly session that State government will prepare its own Coastal Zone Management Plan, which will be presented before the centre for their approval.

Cabral said that the plan prepared by Chennai-based National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) was “erroneous”, which was rejected by the State government as it was away from the reality.

The minister said that his department has already started a consultative process to prepare the plan, and banking on the feedback from the people, the State Environment department will prepare its own plan.

“When we go to the centre with the plan, we will ask them to have Goa specific changes in the Coastal Zone Management Plan,” he said.

Raising the issue on the floor of the House through Calling Attention motion, Sopte said that the plan prepared by NCSCM was faulty and would affect the livelihood of the people living in the coastal belt.


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