Goa Government ill equipped to handle COVID 19



Goa Government is faced with challenged as 18,253 people are expected to arrive in the state. On 21st March the Goa government  announced the shutting of roadside eateries, sealing of state borders for vehicles and stoppage of tourist activities and other steps to combat the Covid 19 outbreak.

The lockdown was yet again extended beyond 3rd May and 17th May with the exception of limited economic activity.  Goans followed social distancing and avoided social gatherings to prevent the spread of Virus making Goa a green zone on 3rd April this happened when the state was ill equipped to handle the pandemic as Goa did not have a facility of national laboratories testing for COVID 19 nor did the government take any measures when the first case of virus was found in India 2 months ago.  The chief minister Dr. Pramod Sawant declared that seven thousand govt. Employees have surveyed more than 3 lakh households i.e. 16 lakh people to check for the symptoms of COVID 19. However many citizens have claimed through social media platform that they neither received any visits nor were checked under this survey.

On 13th may seven COVID 19 positive cases were found in Goa out of these was one  truck driver from Gujarat and 5 others who had migrated from Mumbai, the family driver is also found positive. These cases raise serious concerns over how the Govt. Machinery is deployed to tackle this pandemic. Even though Goa was listed under green zone for 39 days after 3rd April Corona positive cases are found on 13th May. The state seem to be lacking behind in running sufficient tests and taking precautionary measures, and with more than eighteen thousand people expected to arrive in Goa the situation looks challenging .



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