Goa Forward Party quits NDA, claims it was a will of people to terminate the relationship




Panaji: The Goa Forward Party on Tuesday announced severing ties with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), which they had forged after they extended support to BJP in the year 2017 to form government led by Manohar Parrikar.

GFP’s State Executive Committee and Political Affairs Committee on Tuesday met in Panaji to announce their split with NDA.

GFP President Vijai Sardesai, in a formal letter to BJP leader Amit Shah, has conveyed their decision to withdraw from NDA, which had soured since July 2019, when the party’s all three ministers were dropped from Pramod Sawant-led government after the demise of Parrikar.

“I write to you today formally declaring the Goa Forward Party’s withdrawal from the National Democratic Alliance. There is no doubt that our relationship with the NDA ended in July 2019, with no room for reconsideration,” the letter reads.

“So, consistent with our democratic commitments and the will of the people of Goa, we announce the termination of our participation in the NDA. The Goa Forward Party is fully committed as always to consistently and selflessly work to safeguard, protect and preserve Goa’s culture, people, and heritage,” the GFP has said.

The party, which had enjoyed three ministerial berth including a post of Deputy Chief minister inParrikar led cabinet, has said that since July 2019, the state leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Goa has turned its back on the people of Goa who looked ahead with hope to the prospect of all-around development of our beloved state.

“The unfortunate demise of the Manohar Parrikar brought Goa to despair, while ushering in a period of rampant corruption and dishonesty with the elevation of  Pramod Sawant as the 13th Chief Minister of Goa,” the letter reads.

“His advent proved to be highly unfortunate and continues to be detrimental to the lives of common Goans. The unprecedented incompetence and lack of basic skills for governance, along with immaturity and apathy, have wreaked havoc with the everyday lives of hardworking Goans, and continues to threaten Goa’s unique way of life, heritage, environment and livelihood,” the GFP has said.

GFP has pointed out to the failure of state government to handle issues like anti-environmental  three linear projects, Mahadayi river water dispute and others.

“ During these two years, Goans have been reduced to mere bystanders in their own home state, as the BJP repeatedly introduced anti-Goan policies in every session of our legislative assembly aimed at bestowing benefits to a few and misery to many,” the party has said.



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