Goa fisheries minister admits, his dept can’t catch LED laden trawlers


Panaji: Goa Fishing Minister Philip Neri Rodrigues on Wednesday conceded that his department do not have adequate mechanism to check the vessels involved in bull trawling and LED light fishing, which is banned in the state.

Goa government in the year 2017 has banned fishing by use of LED lights or bull trawling in the state waters, as they result in overexploitation of the fish resources.

A delegation of traditional fishermen had met Rodrigues on Wednesday claiming that many trawlers were illegally using LED lights or indulging in bull trawling despite ban.

Talking to reporters after meeting the traditional fishermen, Rodrigues admitted that his department is not equipped with the mechanism to catch these trawlers.

“The traditional fishermen say that because of advance technology in fishing, the marine life will be finished. It will result in worst time for the fisheries sector,” the minister said.

“Our department is not capable to seize the vessel and take control of illegal fishing. We need to collaborate with other agencies like Indian coastal guard and state Ports department to curb the activities,” he said.

Rodrigues said that soon, he would be holding meeting to coordinate with other agencies so that the ban can be implemented in real spirit.

The minister said that the fishermen also pointed out that several abandoned vessels on the jetties was creating nuisance.

He said that the department will identify such vessels and will issue notices to the owners asking them to remove it.

 “We will give time to the vessel owner to get rid of the vessels,” he said.


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